The incredible pyramid of Giza, end time predictions and ruler Cheops.

ONE OF THE SEVEN Marvels OF THE Antiquated WORLD, THE PYRAMID OF GIZA, HAS remained a riddle even to pyramidologists. Researchers have given their life to the investigations of this puzzle, yet few have possessed the capacity to disentangle the riddle behind the working of this building. The secret of the scientific exactness of its measurements, and the way this is being found as of now indicates even the precision of its own expectations like Nostradamus who anticipated his very own demise and the date when his body will be uncovered and exchanged to an alternate grave. Tragically the full ramifications of the pyramid and its predictions must keep on being a riddle as long as the key issues are dismissed.

Through the Chalice Message, edification likewise came to humanity on the importance of this work.

The pyramid was worked around six thousand five hundred years prior two thousand five hundred years previously the obliteration of Troy (which harmonized with the period of Abraham); four thousand five hundred years B.C.E. also, three thousand years previously Moses. It was worked around five thousand five hundred years after the sinking of Atlantis. In my prior review about Atlantis, I demonstrated that the genuine Atlanteans, or the Erarians, all died when Atlantis sank, and made up what today we portray as the Arian race in their further manifestations. Many may have been a piece of the then home of information in Chaldea, the then world focus of learning. What’s more, it was in Chaldea that the pyramid of Giza was conceptualized. Clairvoyants and vehicles of high notoriety could see the imitation of the pyramid in the past, and were dispatched to sit tight for the ace manufacturer who will make an interpretation of it to the material world. What’s more, this ace manufacturer was to be found in Arabia. His name was Pyramon.

Pyramon ventured to Chaldea since he has been told by the Wiseman in Arabia, who examined under Sargon the Minister Ruler of Chaldea, whose name was Magog, that his labor of love lies in heading off to the place where there is the astute men to get guidelines on the working of a prophetic landmark on earth, which will be a natural impersonation of the pyramid that exists at the wellspring of manifestations. (The one at the summit of manifestations is a precious stone gem subsumed by flames.)There he was given the model of the pyramid which he has often found in his fantasies. He was informed that the goliaths will just work with him or nobody else, and that the pyramid will be the last work that the mammoths will do as a team with individuals.

Maybe it is important to clarify who the mammoths are. To clarify that would involve going into folklore, in any event, to draw out the fundamental remainders of learning that has been transmitted to us through tales and fantasy. For instance, we know through the Greek folklore that there was a Map book that held the sky at the summit of the Map book Mountains. What’s more, we likewise know through the Greeks that there were divine beings who communicate with people. Be that as it may, what may sound bizarre to individuals is that these alleged divine beings are still in presence today, and that some people still cooperate with them since they see them. Of later discussions is the way that a few people, similar to the celebrated creator of Shylock Holmes arrangement of analyst works, could see these and recorded their collaboration with dwarves.

Among this gathering of creatures are mammoths. These mammoths have their field of action, not in the ethereal plane, yet in the medium gross issue, by and large known as the astral plane by enchanted pseudoscience. They likewise can work at the different halfway planes between the astral plane and the physical world. That was the reason it was workable for individuals to see them with especially touchy physical eyes. That was likewise why they can work straightforwardly on the physical world in the meantime as the astral world, additionally having their impact in the ethereal. They worked with Hjalfder a huge number of years back, with Ororun in Atlantis twelve thousand years prior, and were the gatekeepers of the fortunes of Ara-Mazda’s destroyed royal residence in Iran. Be that as it may, their last dynamic coordinated effort with people was amid the development of the incredible pyramid. They are known as the monsters on account of their extraordinary size. This nothing to be separated from those goliath creatures whose obligations are the security of spots of love.

The definite position of the pyramid was cautiously chosen. It is intended to be at the focal point of the world, ninety degrees east of the Bermuda triangle. What’s more, this middle was not in Chaldea; not in Arabia but rather in Egypt. Today it tends to be distinguished at the accurate mediation point between longitude 30 degrees east and scope 30 degrees north. At first this was intended to be the crossing point between scope 0 degree and longitude zero degrees. Be that as it may, the utilization of present day units changed all that-combined with the way that the earth has been changing in its orbital position because of expanding inflexibility coming about because of dim ethereal clouds.It is isolated from the Bermuda triangle by 90 degrees.

On being told by Sargon the Cleric lord of Chaldea, Gum Kolbe, an aged elderly person of more than two hundred years old, and who looked far more youthful, was appointed to educate him utilizing a model that was at that point built for the reason. Pyramon had later to assemble another model independent from anyone else to familiarize himself of the troubles and difficulties included. As of now, Tishbe, an adolescent who was connected to Pyramon with a supra natural power of profound devotion, came to Chaldea from Arabia and was quickly with him before he left for Akeru in Egypt. Tishbe’s activity was to help battle the Luciferian religious cliques that interest for the glorification of the female body, killings and deception for its sustenance. She later went to meet Pyramon in Egypt and could keep him from being harmed a second time by one of the priestesses of the new god, Septu, otherwise called Lucifer or Baal. Priestesses of this “god” had once endeavored to kill Pyramon through toxic substance to keep him from finishing the pyramid. They everything except succeeded, and Pyramon was In extreme lethargies for a little while. Every one of the healers of Akeru did all that they are aware of however without much of any result, consequently they had no choice yet to speak to the Essential ruler of mending and drug to by and by mediate. Aesculapius regarded their demand and dropped without anyone else’s input. His lower subordinates, the lords of thunder and lightning, showed in the declaration of his coming, and he came and could join Pyramon back to his body.

Around five hundred years after the fact, when Lucifer prevailing with regards to assuming control over the control of Pharaohs as their guide and counselor, he was known as Re or Ra. Lucifer, obviously, was not seen actually by these Pharaohs but rather his spreads. Around then, he was sending messages to the general population through his priestesses for the sake of the Ruler of the Sun. The being responsible for the sun is manly while those accountable for the moon and the earth are female separately. Hence the much touted word mother-father-earth is a deviation.

The otherworldly bond among Pyramon and Tishbe was a solid one and later brought about the tale of a disastrous relationship among Pyramus and Tishbe that finished in twofold suicide. Just an unclear memory of reality got the job done for this.

Before the presence of Pyramon, The goliaths were at that point caught up with social occasion the stones and slicing them to shape for the development. They brought the stones from distant locations abroad through the procedure that today might be known as the procedure of Apportation. Today, discarnate elements can move objects from far separations within the sight of a medium-exercises which a few supposed mystical performers use to hypnotize their gathering of people. Pyramon focused on the pyramid while some others, including one who, three thousand seven hundred years after the fact would be re-manifested in Israel as Isaiah, dealt with the sphinx.

The essentialness of the pyramid

The pyramid is designated “prescience on stone” and which is all well and good. The motivation behind why it was assembled was to caution about the last judgment that will come upon humanity 6500 years after it was constructed. Each single stone set there has criticalness. Separations speak to authentic time. Give us a chance to analyze in expansive diagram the hugeness of specific highlights of the pyramid.

The Ruler’s chamber means that their will be a female emissary from the radiant sky. This agent is now known in antiquated occasions. In many spots, sanctuaries are worked to pay tribute to Isis the goddess of adoration. This happens to be an essential being that swings in the radiation of this emissary, similarly as Astarte is a being that swings in the radiation of the Ruler of Immaculateness. She is the first to be embodied in the realm of issue. Computations demonstrate that he will be around 2500 years from the development of the pyramid, i.e., 2000 years B.C.E. She came around the cutting edge western outskirt of turkey, called Troy around then. Her exercises as Cassandra were referenced in the Iliad of Homer. Homer himself was just soothing far memory as he may have been around amid the devastation of Troy. Her demise agreed with the annihilation of Troy since none of her alerts was noticed. She kicked the bucket in an encased room.

The part that prompts the chamber shows a bifurcation where a section makes a beeline for the pit. It means that a piece of humanity won’t set out toward the radiant statures yet to the void. The encased chambers imply two things: that she will bite the dust in an encased chamber and that every one of her admonitions won’t be paid attention to. This was satisfied in the exercises’ of Cassandra in troy that kicked the bucket in an encased room because of the intrigues of Clymnestra, Agamemnon’s irritated ruler.

At her demise in troy, an extraordinary seismic tremor occurred at the pyramid around 2000 B.C.E.

The primary agent that came was amid the season of Moses, 500 years after the passing of Cassandra. Truth be told, numerous th

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